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  • Feng, S., Cook, J. M., Anesio, A. M., Benning, L. G., & Tranter, M. (2023). Long time series (1984–2020) of albedo variations on the Greenland ice sheet from harmonized Landsat and Sentinel 2 imagery. Journal of Glaciology, 1–16.
  • Feng, S., & Cook, J. M. (2023). Remote-Sensing-of-Albedo: Development of harmonized satellite albedo. Zenodo.

Albedo Inspector

This is a tutorial for the web application - Albedo Inspector. It allows users to extract time series of albedo and load the albedo maps freely in browser.

1. Load Data

The time series of albedo can be extracted at any point of interest (poi) by clicking on the map. An interactive chart will be displayed in the top left panel and will be updated everytime clicking on a new poi. The map of both RGB true color composite and albedo can be loaded by selecting time of interest (yyyy-mm-dd). A week number is also required to compute the image mosaic. This may take a while if the week number is too large. A week number of 1 is a good starting point for albedo in July 2014. Note that the image is restricted to the current map window.

load map

2. Compare Map

By draging the box under the layers, user may compare the albedo map and the RGB true color composite.

compare map

Large areas in the central Greenland Ice Sheet is blank. This is mainly due to cloud/cloud shaodows mask, L7 ETM+ Scan Line error, data saturation and computational artifacts in the surface reflectance data.

3. Export Data

Export Time Series Data

The time series of albedo is displayed as an interactive chart. It can be exported as csv as shown in the gif:

export time series

Export Albedo Map

We also support exporting a clip of albedo. If the size of current map view window is less than 32MB and grid dimension is smaller than 10000, a button will appear for downloading the albedo map as geotiff format. The limitation is due to the limitation of Google Earth Engine.

export time series

Hope this is helpful to you. Questions and suggesstions are welcomed!

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