An article based Latex template for AU PhD thesis

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A LaTeX template for article based PhD Thesis at Aarhus University. It’s adapted from a template from the University of Oslo. I am improving it very slowly.

How to use it?

You can download the template at GitHub

Or: git clone

Then you could open it either locally or online in overleaf. Feel free to ask questions if any!

Useful tips

  • There’s a project logo (deep purple) at the front page. It can be easily modified to your own project or removed. Change the line 194 in phdau.cls to your own logo or comment it out.
  • Want to have a list of acronyms? Simply add your acronyms to acronyms.tex and call the acronyms in any chapters by using \gls{} or \acrfull{} etc. More can be refered to this tutorial.
  • Now it supports displaying orcid id of you or your coauthors if you want. Simply call \orcid{} and add your orcid number inside. For pdf readers it will have a clickable link to your orcid profile. See the example in sections\paperI.tex.
  • Added new function to display keywords. Simply call \keywords{} and add your keywords inside. This is because many would like to have a list of keywords at the end of the abstract of the thesis or the papers.
  • Possible to change paper size set to A4, but by default is the book format (17 x 24 cm) which looks better. It is intended for pringting.
  • Title page resize is disabled in case of longer title is needed.
  • \citet and \citep are now default for citing references.

This latex template is open source. Help me improve it at




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